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I spent my financial aid money on a tablet because I am the least fucking organized thing ever and I plan to be the MOST ORAGNIZED


cornbreadicons replied to your post “I just read one book about salt marshes and now I am the salt marsh…”

Do salt marshes like to party?

When the tide is in the fishes dominate the salt marsh party scene.  When the tide goes out the mammals from upland move in and take over.  They get fucked up gorging themselves on crustaceans and the little fishies that are trapped in shallow pools.  Mammal molly.

The chemical reactions occurring in a salt marsh result in nonstop partying, day and night.  Sulfur from the sea water combines with oxygen to make sulfate when it washes onto land.  If the salt marsh soil is low in iron then the sulfate will bind with oxygen, making hydrogen sulfide - the rotten egg smell on many beaches.  Kind of like the B.O. of a thousand punks crammed into a basement house show.

And bottom feeders make a nonstop party in the mud, sifting through the particles to find food, rearranging the sediment and detritus in the process.  It’s basically like a dust storm at Burning Man.

My sleep schedule is fucked. I stayed awake for 24 hours to readjust on the first day of school. I was nodding off in bio lab while I was standing up! Super excited for it though - found out today the class is participating in a worldwide bacteriophage project and I’ll be spending the year isolating viruses from soil bacteria and doing DNA analysis !!! Super super excited.



Can’t believe school starts tomorrow, where did the summer go?

At least I’ll have internet access every day at school


Can’t believe school starts tomorrow, where did the summer go?


I just read one book about salt marshes and now I am the salt marsh master do you have a question about salt marshes? because I know the answer


This party I was at was cool and supportive but I think I might have spent to large a portion of the night talking about e. Coli?


Its 7 am and I just drank all night and I stopped on the way home to buy some fucking pasta


someone who thinks homosexuality is a sin just messaged me on okcupid


watching someone playing Goat Simulator and it is amusing and I want to play

School starts Monday

Year long intensive biology and chemistry program

Very excite


drunklikemud replied to your post “Something fucked up happened to my back for no reason.  No injury or…”

:( how are you now??

Finally had an appointment with the specialist and they seemed totally unconcerned, didn’t see anything wrong with my xrays, and recommended I pursue physical therapy if the pain comes back :/

Literally nothing special or noble about forgiveness or letting things go, like that shit is totally normal and exactly what abusers take advantage of to fake deep sorrow for their mistakes and be allowed to stay in communities

Life is chock full of people who remain friends with total abusive assholes because ‘they’ve been friends so long’ or ‘they seem genuinely sorry’

Be revolutionary.  Cut those people out of your life and refuse to forgive them no matter how many others tell you it’s unhealthy to hold a grudge. It’s healthy to stay away from abusers.  Protect yourself and protect your communities.

i-xviii replied to your post “Books accumulate so rapidly on my ‘to-read’ list and I’ve read only…”

I have over 100 physical books on my to read shelf

The last major move I made I gave away 90% of my physical books because I just couldn’t deal anymore :/ When I was packing I realized how many books were still unread despite having moved 6 times since I got them.  Mostly only kept reference books.  

I need to do some strengthening exercises for my fucked up back and I would like to use the show Sit and Be Fit because it is awesome but I don’t have internet at home >:(