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My little dog Goo is such a huge jerk- like at night the cat always tries to dart outside when I open the front door, but I don’t let her outside at night because there are racoons and other cats that are out looking for a fight, so when I take the dogs out for a late walk I will let them back inside by opening the front door just a tiny bit and letting each dog through one at a time while watching for a running cat- and when I have Goo go in first she will stop just inside the door, blocking the way of the big dog walking in right behind her, and turn just her head around wide eyed and mean looking and growl and snap at the big dog, who gets all scared and freezes, and I have to scold Goo to get her to move out of the way. She pushes around the big dog so much, like will growl and guard the food dish even though they both get unlimited food.

Do not usually eat a lot of sugary foods but today I have **the hunger** for some reason which means I have had soda and skittles and ice cream and white bread all in a few hours, I am started to feel this disgusting slime coating my mouth


Just got a sex pillow which is just a triangle wedge of super firm foam in a velvet cover that you can use to lay on during sex to ***hit all the right angles*** but actually greatly enjoying just laying on it in bed reading and watching stuff being comfy, have not even used for sex, 10/10


I bought a really nice camera last year when I had money and I always planned to take it everywhere and take amazing photos of nature and stuff so my blog could be more my own photos than reblogs, but honestly the damn thing is just really bulky and I hate having to wear an extra bag to carry it on walks and I hate the feeling of shoulder bags on both my shoulder and the way it bounces on my side as I walk

This is all so boring, I should just design and sew a comfortable bag for it instead of complaining


Iceland seems like a lichen paradise 

yesterday I finished reading a book about e. coli and its history in scientific research and the last few chapters were like really cool and about e. coli being made that can glow or mimic colors or blink or be set as on/off states and how there is now an open source scientific e.coli community that is sharing the genes / protein manipulation instructions to do this and now I am super excited and inspired to be on the forefront of research designing a bio-computer made of bacteria.

comma-butt replied to your post “cornbreadicons replied to your post “Sry that this has turned into a…”

sounds like you’re allergic to opiates and some anti-inflammatories… how about muscle relaxers? might be worth looking into.

I got prescribed some along with the pain meds!  I kept taking them at the same time as the percocet but last night I took one by itself and idk if it did anything for my condition because I fell asleep but at least I know I didn’t have a reaction to it.

cornbreadicons replied to your post “Sry that this has turned into a text post complain blog. I don’t have…”

I don’t get why text posts and complaining are bad things?

Right?  I always assume people are here for my amazing personality but I actually lose followers rapidly when I have less pretty pictures and more complain-y text posts.

swimmiesofdoom replied to your post “I’m allergic to every pain med I’ve ever tried, meds like…”

honestly? weed. (our roadie, Bob, has the same problems you describe with pain meds.)

Weed gives me SUPER BAD anxiety.  Like I can’t stop thinking everything is wrong with the world and my life when I smoke it.

I am so tired of my phone autocorrecting ‘cis’ to ‘CIA’ because I have intentionally typed cis thousands of times during chat and typed CIA literally none and I know I could program it in but I thought my autocorrect was like suppose to learn what words I use or something?


Sry that this has turned into a text post complain blog. I don’t have internet at my house right now and my data plan isn’t good enough to scroll for pretty pictures for y’all.


I didn’t take any pain meds or anti inflammatories today because I have lingering heartburn and messed up stomach feels from the last several days of medication and I was totally fine until the last few hours and now my back hurts again


I’m allergic to every pain med I’ve ever tried, meds like morphine/percocet/ hydros give me nausea for hours and a tight throat, hives, itchy body and a sore stomach, and meds like ibuprofen/NSAIDS give me abdominal cramps (so bad that one time I actually went to the emergency room because I thought I was dying) and horrid heartburn. How do people navigate this.


The pain med gave me nausea for like 6 hours last night and then a horrible upset stomach so I’m not eating any today


experiencing constant nausea for hours