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Can we just take a minute here to appreciate opals?

From top left:

  1. Boulder opal.
  2. Ethiopian opal.
  3. Black crystal opal (considered the “Holy grail” of opals).
  4. Andamooka matrix opal.
  5. Yowah nut opal.
  6. Mexican fire opal.
  7. Mezezo opal.
  8. White harlequin opal.
  9. Panel boulder black opal.

So this one time, I was in the desert Southwest of Tonopah, Nevada, and found a huge piece of petrified wood, about a foot long and 5-6 inches wide.  Half of one end was opal, which rippled as it blended into the still visible tree rings.

I set it on the ground as I was putting the other rocks I had found into the trunk, then drove away.  I didn’t even realize I had left the opal until much much later (and too far away to go back to get it).

I know this story is boring, but seriously, that opal was so spectacular that I still think about it and can picture it clearly, 7 years later.

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Fluorite from Illinois

by Dan Weinrich

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Paratacamite, Cu3(Cu,Zn)(OH)6Cl2

Locality: Chile