"why do u dye ur hair bright colors if you have social phobia lol ur obviously looking for attention!!"

a) it’s like in nature, you know to stay the fuck away from brightly colored creatures because they’re usually FUCKING POISONOUS

b) i do wut i want lmao go fuck yourself

I have been thinking about this a lot lately and how I love to dye my hair and do my makeup and get tattoos and piercings but I get uncomfortable a lot of the time when people comment on it unless they are asking me for hairdye advice or something. my hair is for me! I dont do it for your approval! im glad you like it but please dont talk about it

someone who thinks homosexuality is a sin just messaged me on okcupid


watching someone playing Goat Simulator and it is amusing and I want to play

School starts Monday

Year long intensive biology and chemistry program

Very excite


drunklikemud replied to your post “Something fucked up happened to my back for no reason.  No injury or…”

:( how are you now??

Finally had an appointment with the specialist and they seemed totally unconcerned, didn’t see anything wrong with my xrays, and recommended I pursue physical therapy if the pain comes back :/


They love each other

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Thanks little birb

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Comet moth by Supervliegzus on Flickr.

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Shane Hope, Debuggin’ DNA Origami, 2013

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Literally nothing special or noble about forgiveness or letting things go, like that shit is totally normal and exactly what abusers take advantage of to fake deep sorrow for their mistakes and be allowed to stay in communities

Life is chock full of people who remain friends with total abusive assholes because ‘they’ve been friends so long’ or ‘they seem genuinely sorry’

Be revolutionary.  Cut those people out of your life and refuse to forgive them no matter how many others tell you it’s unhealthy to hold a grudge. It’s healthy to stay away from abusers.  Protect yourself and protect your communities.


Автор Torafu

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you can meet me on ello, I am @emilyadlie

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