Brahmin moth before and after metamorphosis. 

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Homosexuality and evolution ›

Literally evolution does not care about whether someone is homosexual, or not.  It just occurs, or it doesn’t occur.

Arguments claiming homosexuality is advantageous for evolution because it keeps the population in check is as silly and pointless as arguments claiming homosexuality is unnatural because it doesn’t promote reproduction.



Cathy G Johnson has been nominated for this year’s Ignatz Award in “Promising New Talent” for damn good reason. Visit her and vote next month at SPX 2014. Here’s her seriously good (and unfortunately timely) comic from As You Were #3. Visit this Tumblr next week for our interview with Cathy and more arts!

As You Were is a punk-comix anthology series featuring new stories by our favorite independent artists from punk communities around the world. The theme for issue #3 is “Big, Big Changes”, available for [purchase here from Silver Sprocket].

As You Were is a great read and I recommend it!

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Preview of an upcoming outfit (probably).

This is my new fav combo. Getting more courage to ditch the high waisteds with crops. Pray for me.

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My hair is Nicole Richie right now instead of Kelly Osborne #radiantorchid

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Ok sure sometimes the dogs chew on something or puke and they almost always smell gross and their breath! omg. . but nobody pukes as much as this cat :/ and she makes the stinkiest fucking poops that rank up the whole apartment and then immediately comes and puts her butthole in my face. Cats :/



if youre in a position where you can harm people and talk over them then how is doing that satirically different than doing it sincerely 

Babylon 5 started out bad and then got a lot better with some interesting storylines and character development and now its going downhill FAST

Like there is almost nothing I despise more in science fiction than the cheap ploy to explain all world religions and gods and supernatural events through some scientific bs - like, angels are real! And it was this super ancient alien race visiting and teaching you! And the soul is real because of the universal consciousness! We are the universe experiencing consciousness!!

Its lazy and its cheap and its overdone. Stop.


Photographs of Icelandic volcanoes by Marcel Musil

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Makeup by Mily Serebrenik

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Actually made a screen for screen printing last night. Took me forever to get this far. I planned to start printing some tests today but fuck I’m too hungover.


God forgive me the day I got drunk on vodka and had a straight man download and add me on snapchat


God forgive me the day I added a straight man on snapchat