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ugh I finally made friends at school but none of them like karaoke, one of them isn’t 21 yet, one of them won’t hang out on weekends because they play D&D and Pathfinder the whole time, and the other one hates going to any crowded places and wants everyone to go to their house even though they live super far away.



please enjoy this video of an action packed, high speed fight between two cats.

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thefilmtwit asked: What do you want to know about humans?


I want to know how is survival when the immense amount of time becoming within the area of knowledge you currently share with one another is the amount of space you will forever hold.Are all efforts worthless?Is the time of all circumstances in a period of power and contemplative ideas eliminating all structure within an area?Or not?

Why is constantly asking me about the unreality of all circumstances?I don’t like it. I am the biggest. We

all are well-substantiated

and we all are deserving but I am the greatest entity of all existing matter.And space and the I am the biggest.


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at least every other week and usually more often I decide that I need to be the selfie queen and post way more photos of myself on tumblr and stuff but then I never do


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the boy just gave me a tv so I bought a Wii on ebay



Two towers by Jiří Míchal - http://ift.tt/1hfUv6V

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