So much bullshit going on all at once rn




if u think teenage girls are crazed and hormonal and irrational you should see what happens when you tell a grown man “no”

100% this especially as a woman who works retail

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Ugh dealing with people with ulterior motives is exhausting.



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Yes this is on my wall

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Went to a place with wolves today and looked at wolves and bought a wolf calendar from a gifts shop that was full of those t-shirts that have white wolves howling at the moon and shit




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I fucked up so bad.

I just wanted a mixed drink with my sandwich and the person was describing what was on special and all I heard was orange juice and tequila so I ordered that but when it got here it was just a shot of tequila with lime and salt, a shot of orange juice, and a shot of tomota juice???

So I just dumped the orange juice and tequila into a cup of ice but it was still too strong for me so I threw in the tomato juice too, thinking that it would probably taste awful but I could drink it super fast.

It tastes SOOO BAD that pounding it isnt even an option.


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Diatom Art by Klaus Kemp


male mouthbrooding jawfish — such as the mottled (seen in the fourth photo with spikes on the side of its head from a fireworm attack), the yellowhead, the banded, and the cardinalfish seen here —  use their mouths to protect their eggs until the fry hatch. 

mouthbrooding fish are able to produce smaller numbers of offspring with a higher chance of survival than species that offer no broodcare. the males, however, are not able to eat during this period of incubation (which can last anywhere from one to three weeks), but will open their mouths, spitting the eggs out and then sucking them back in to keep them clean and aerated. 

photos by (click pic) nicolas terryshigeru harazaki, steven kovacs, keri wilk, michael patrick oneilll and marcello di francesco 

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