Simone Rocha Spring 2013

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Here is a video of a cobra flipping the fuck out to the breakdown in Crystalline by Björk fgelkjwnablekjtng

I just wore my new platforms to the grocery store and they hurt my feet but i could see all the men looking up at me as I walked around and it was amazing



Ron Isaacs

More works here

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The art of Namio Harukawa

History repeats itself

always life goals

I thought when I moved here that my life would become full of cuddle friends but I was so wrong


Today I found enormous black platform boots (that amazingly fit!) at the thrift store and I made an appointment to get four piercings tomorrow so my goth transformation is almost complete


Last night I saw Kimya Dawson and Aesop Rock (the Uncluded!) play in the public library for hundreds of people.




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some of my followers are super weird


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I started using HabitRPG, which is like a task organizer / habit former that gives you experience and gold for completing your daily goals and then you can buy accessories and pets and go on adventures

I guess I mucked up the first day pretty bad and lost a lot of health but still there’s something strangely satisfying about this tool and I’m going to try to do all my goals today


today is my birthday and I want someone to cuddle with /



heres some heavily filtered pictures of my face enjoy.


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my apartment is outrageously messy but I am ignoring it while I build a cute little shelf thing to display my bones and pretty rocks on