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my neighbor really likes my cat and I frequently see him outside crouched down, following her around the yard with his hand out, coaxing her to come closer so he can pet her

the other day he asked me what her name was again and I told him “troi, like from star trek” and he was like, “i thought so, but she doesn’t respond to her name, she only responds when i meow at her”

i basically only ever meow at my cat and now that is the only thing she responds to


bow to her

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I don’t believe in innate identities anyway so masculinity can only really be something that exists in relation to the external, and the external is always political.


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Literally every man I have ever known who calls their exes or other women crazy has been an entitled pile of garbage who can’t handle it when a woman close to them finally calls them out on their bullshit, and they label said woman as ‘crazy’ in order to make sure that the other men in his life don’t believe her when she talks about how awful he was


succulent farmer

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So I have really neglected tumblr aspect of Raven Chant Designs and I have decided to do a long-due giveaway.

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Tourmaline - Cruzeiro mine, São José da Safira, Doce valley, Minas Gerais, Brazil

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my life got about a thousand times better once i stopped censoring myself

and by censoring i don’t mean i suddenly embraced indiscriminate swearing; i mean i stopped trying to sugarcoat my past or my feelings; i stopped lying by omission; i stopped having guilty pleasures; i began unabashedly enjoying whatever i liked; i became very honest; i cut out of my life poisonous people and negative ideals, and i am so, so much happier for it

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More bbys

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